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MIKOLAJSKA 4 by BoB Elite Apartments

Welcome to explore this exceptional premium apartment nestled in the heart of Krakow, right at the charming Small Market Square, along Mikołajska Street. This beautifully crafted apartment, echoing the classic style of the early 20th century, promises an unforgettable stay brimming with luxury and comfort.

Spanning an impressive 160 m2, this apartment serves as a haven of relaxation and entertainment. It offers everything you need to unwind and soak in the unique atmosphere of Krakow. Indulge in sensual experiences within the sauna and jacuzzi, where you can luxuriate in blissful relaxation after a day of exploration.

Moreover, for those who revel in activity, the apartment boasts a billiard table, providing perfect entertainment for guests of all ages. Spend unforgettable moments engaging in friendly competition with friends or family, soaking in the ambiance of this exceptional locale.

Step onto the balcony and be greeted by sweeping views of the picturesque Main Market Square and the grandeur of St. Mary's Basilica. This remarkable fusion of historical vistas with modern comforts renders this apartment a true gem in the heart of Krakow's Old Town.

Come and discover this unique premium apartment, promising unforgettable experiences and lasting impressions during your sojourn in enchanting Krakow.